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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFORTLESS CLEANING - Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner Washer redefines your makeup routine by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology and convenience. This automatic washing machine, equipped with advanced features, spins and cleans your brushes effortlessly, promising an unparalleled makeup application experience.

PRIME BRUSH MAINTENANCE FOR IMPECCABLE MAKEUP - Immerse yourself in the future of brush maintenance with state-of-the-art cleaner. Designed for optimal performance, it refreshes your makeup brushes with precision, ensuring they remain in prime condition. The electric cleaning process guarantees a thorough cleanse, leaving your brushes impeccably clean for flawless makeup application.

COMPLETE PACKAGE: Unbox a world of sophistication with Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner, including a portable bag for on-the-go convenience, a dropper bottle for your cleaning solution, a drying cloth for quick results, and a brush cleaning mat for added versatility. This comprehensive package enhances your beauty routine, providing all the tools you need for a flawless application.

KEY USAGE TIPS & DISCLAIMERS FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - 1.Ensure the use of a 5V2A adapter plug otherwise this cleaner will not work properly, and the touch switch will fail. 2.Adhere to the specified water level to prevent operational issues. 3.Embrace our sonic vibration technology that gently cleans without compromising the shape of your makeup brushes. 4.While our silicone lid is micro-elastic, manual cleaning is recommended for oversized or irregularly shaped brushes.




Pour Water into the Cleaner

Start by removing the lid of the makeup brush cleaner. Take the water container and pour an adequate amount of clean, lukewarm water into the designated compartment of the cleaner. Be sure not to overfill it and put no more than the max to avoid any spillage.



Add Cleanser

Next, add a few drops of your preferred makeup brush cleanser or a gentle soap solution into the water-filled compartment of the cleaner. The cleansing solution will help dissolve makeup residue and eliminate bacteria, ensuring a thorough clean.



Lock & GO!

Gather your makeup brushes that need cleaning and have them ready beside the cleaner. Now, carefully place the lid back on the cleaner, ensuring it's securely closed. Than turn on the cleaner by pressing on the power button and let the magic begin!



Sit Back & Relax

With the lid securely closed, turn on the makeup brush cleaner by pressing the power button. The gentle yet effective motor will activate, creating a swirling vortex of water and cleanser. Sit back and relax as the cleaner does all the work for you!



Flawless Finish

Once the cleaner has run for the recommended cleaning duration (usually a few seconds to a minute, depending on the brush size and level of dirt), turn off the device by pressing the power button again. Carefully open the lid, and you'll be greeted with freshly cleaned and spotless brushes, ready to use for your next fabulous makeup application!

Note: After each use, make sure to drain the dirty water from the cleaner and rinse it thoroughly with clean water to keep it in pristine condition for future use.

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Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
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